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Web Hosting Tips
When you're shopping for your web hosting you should remember as with some things in life, price isn't the sole factor in your decision. Quality web hosting services may have more advanced and current equipment, staff, and enough servers to handle the load. If you go directly for the cheapest web hosting, don't expect great customer service, top equipment or technology.

Depending on what functions your web site performs, security may be an issue for you. If you are handling credit card numbers or sensitive information, you will need an encrypted file transfer program. If your web site will need security features, you must take this into account when selecting a web hosting service.

Once your site is up and running the last thing you want is downtime. Make sure you ask your ISP about the percentage of uptime or amount of time that the service is working and available. Even better is if you can get them to guarantee a percentage that they will be up, running and functioning without a problem.

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