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What is SEO

SEO stand for search engine optimization. In short this is developing recognition on major internet search engines. The place in which someone shows up in a particular search is referred to as ones ranking. In order to achieve the highest rankings one has to focus on how a search engine functions. A major factor in this is investigating the searches people are making according to popular “keywords”.

Keywords are terms, phrases or words used to most briefly sum up the essence of a web page. Most search engines utilize the content of a web page and match that with the relevance to the search thus determining the ranking. To take advantage of this fact one must often design there site and its contents to reflect that which is most commonly searched for in order to achieve the highest possible ranking. The also utilize the relevance for the various links attached to the site and its content. Although SEO is “organic” or unpaid for, you can pay companies of firms to provide you with this service.

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